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F-104 Starfighter -70mm EDF


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Very few fighter jets have managed to create the nearly cult following of the F-104 Starfighter. This manned missile was notoriously hard to fly and control. As such, creating an RC DTFB version was incredibly hard. And truly, I don't quite yet have a 100% working version. I've built 3 variants so far and I'm about to start on a 4th. I'm going to give some background on the three I have made so far and this way I"ll be able to show in real time this last one which I'm fairly certain will work. Additionally, plans will be posted once I get this 4th one to fly well.


So first up, the first F-104 that I made! Length of 42 in and wingspan of only 22in, I powered it with a 64mm EDF and it made one successful flight. '
F-104 pic2.JPG

However, it needed to work better, so I increased the wingspan by 120% and tried again!
F-104 pic4.JPG

Surprisingly, this variation didn't workout too well and I scrapped the project for a little while.

However, I brought it back two weeks ago and decided to change up quite a bit. I increased the roundness of the fuselage, incorporating newer folding techniques. Additionally, I scaled the entire airplane up 120% of the original to a 24in wingspan and a 48 in length. Importantly, I brought the engine up to a 70mm EDF.
F-104 pic1.JPG

This version actually worked quite well! The crash was caused by a lack of elevator control and this wasn't the first flight. It made several flights with a 1300mah 4S and a singular flight with a 2300mah 4S. The wingloading for the 2300mah battery was too high and the performance was poor. So for the 4th version of this plane, I have scaled it up even further. To a 30in wingspan and a 60in length. This should increase the handling by decreasing the wingloading and by increasing the area of the of the inlet, creating more thrust. Lastly, I will be fitting a nozzle at the tail to decrease drag further.
A big thanks to everyone who gave me such great feedback on my Facebook post.

F-104 pic5.JPG


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I have been lurking arround the forums a bit today and I noticed this, figured I would log back on and share this clip from the right stuff, the NF-104 was pretty good looking jet.

Ok, back to the hiatus. I will be back with a new project, probably in may-june.


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V4! Its got a 30in wingspan but again, elevator problems caused it to crash /:
It climbed very well for once though! And I'm confident in a V5 F-104. The good news is that the nose and tail section survived nearly entirely intact so that the center fuse, wings, nacells, and Hstab are the only things that will need to be rebuilt
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Daniel Liutan

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Daniel Liutan

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Sorry I know it's been awhile, I think I have good working plans. I'm currently having them cut out and ready for FF, and I'll need to tweak them a little more then, but until then, I'm posting the alpha plans. They're a little rough.
Thank you very much for the update.
Do you think it's possible to post the polyhedron Version 1 also?
I thinks that's also very interesting.
Thanks again.