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F-14 Tomcat Air to Air


Wake up! Time to fly!
THAT was an awesome flight. Specially the parts where you are trailing low and inside of the turns in a perfect position to strike. Staying close enough for a shot but not so close a quick change by the other pilot fakes you out or makes you lose sight. Great flying mate.
Thank you guys! I barely kept pace as I pegged power at full while the Tomcat only went half throttle. It was a slow flight exercise for him, except when going vertical. I minimized/smooth out my turns and cut corners and still could not catch up. It’s energy management exercise for me. So much fun seeing the Tomcat maneuver though, almost recreating combat scenes from TOP GUN. If only I was flying another jet...
Canopy was off in above video. Visual clarity suffers a bit with canopy on - for dogfight every little bit counts.

Below is a video with canopy on for comparison. Ok to fly under, not great for dogfight/formation work as clear plastic is not distortion free.

Also the setup with NACA duct/ canopy cutout to provide cooling for VTX:

This time, dogfight across the ages of quintessential fighters: Spitfire vs Tomcat. Winner is not what you would expect...
love it 😂
as much as tomcat looks sweet, should have been more shots of Spitfire as thus is the best fighter ever 😂🤪😍
great video , I tried it once and dam you make it look easy . Love the target view
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Wake up! Time to fly!
Yeah them are cool. You have them aligned with your FPV set up near perfectly. I was sitting in my gaming chair watching your videos flying with you using the flight controls mounted to my chair and squeezing the trigger for you when you had good alignment.

Do you take off and land FPV or do you pull your goggles and do that LOS? If you land in FPV I am REALLY impressed. That cant be easy with the distorted edges of the camera lens to get that super low distance to be able to flare so perfectly.
That’s the way to watch this video, on a large screen with good speakers. You can see the Tomcat so much easier. My field of view in the goggles is very immersive like watching 100” screen.

And yes, I do my entire FPV flights from takeoff to landing under goggles every flight, since my first FPV flight. No exceptions. Gotta admit, most of my Spitfire flare are not as pretty as this one. I prefer doing wheel landings to avoid bounces, which happens often with nose high attitude but not quite three pointer.