F-35 Beta


Hello All.
Anyone interested in helping me perfect this model. I wanted to debut it at Ohio this year but the fates are against me again. The F-35 has a lot of compound surfaces and is really hard to build using the Flight Test cut and fold technique. So this is a cut and fit design. The wing is a Nerdnic style speed wing. It's currently designed for a 53mm EDF but can fit up to a 90 without changes and a 120 if you scale it 10%. The nose and canopy are not done and I still dont know how I want to do them. It has provisions for ailerons, elevators, and it could possibly use Ruddervators. I don't plan on using all 3. Given the success Mid7night had with just elevator and rudder on the Viper, I suspect it may also work here. However I'm not sure how the V tail will affect that. Ill post the Beta plans once I get them cleaned up and all on 1 sheet.


image1.jpeg image2.jpeg image3.jpeg


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Yours is looking good, and I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.(y)
I did a F-35C Prop and slot a few years ago and have a F-35A EDF in the works as well.

I am not sure how big yours is, but you can leave the rudders right out of the equation. I never used them and once I pulled the two servos it flew better because of the lighter wing loading. Then again, if it is a huge build, a few extra servos will not amount to much.

Another tip, the CG is going to be pretty close to the leading edge near the root. I was surprised how far forward it was. You might even be able to cut the ailerons out as well if it a smaller build. Those elevons are huge and have a ton of leverage.

Keep us posted on how it goes.


Glide test on the prototype went really well. Bench testing of the EDF did not go well. 100% thrust on a 70mm EDF caused the ducting to collapse. It needs better sub-structure, bumped the Rev to B and back to the drawing board.

F-35 Re-work.JPG F-35 bottom.JPG