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F-86 Sabre "Jolley Roger"

While hanging out browsing the web I took a look at Hobby-Lobby.com and began browsing I cam across this
As most of you know I am in the USAF and what you may not know I am in the mighty 90th Missile Wing The Jolly Rogers. The Jolly Rogers who at the time of the Korean War was the 90th Bomb Wing and flew numerous missions in this plane. Who am I to deny my military heritage and well yes I just had to have it. Looking forward to this 64mm EDF. Should arrive next week hopefully in time for the weekend. Will keep ya all posted
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Nope them cats were Navy.
Here is a link to the WWII veteran site here they talk mostly of thier B24s naturally because that was their roots
http://www.jollyrogersweb.com/default.asp. I was unable to find the Korean War info but I do recall seing this jet in pictures in our museum

After doing some quick research I may be mistaking the 90th may not have floan the sabre in Korea however were the Mighty 90th were stationed in Korea but was not able to locate the info of what planes they were flying at the time. No matter. The Jolly Roger art on the side is what caught my eye
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well here we go

Did not feel like typing today. Yet I sit here typing this LOL So I made a video today of the the testing of the Plane. Pretty excited about it so far. However I am concerned about the CG. According to Pg 10 of the manual CG is between 3 inches and 3 1/8 inch from the wing chord after placing battery in with no room to move back she balances but tends to lean toward the tail. Somewhat concerning may add a small fishing weight to make her just a bit nose heavy.

View attachment f86-inst.pdf
I have not posted here in a while so here is a few videos of my F86. Knock n wood I have yet to crash her anf]d that is a testament to this plane

been a while

Been a while since I or anyone has updated this thread. so I thought I would give a little update. I added a 4S Setup for thi plane too give it a little more punch. I put a 45 amp esc and a 3500 KV motor in her and it was running like a champ but the 3500 KV motor seemed to be lacking power as of late so I gave her a little bit of an upgrade and this is how it went.
The only downside was it drank the mah out of a 2200 like a shot of bad whisky. So I think a bigger mah battery may be in order.

EDF: 64mm with 4800kv Brushless Outrunner
ESC: 40A w/BEC
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