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F82 "Twin Mustang" inspred by FT3D


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HI Guys

Just wanted to share a project that i built after i was inspired by the great building techniques of the FT3D.

My F82 is built the exact same way and flies great.

Let me know what you think.




















Thanks for Looking


Foam Addict

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I love that plane!
Okay, now that I have that out of my system, Beautiful job. Just when I start to think I might be an okay builder, this happens.
You are definitely no slouch at building.
Good job, and I hope you stick around!
EDIT: that jet in the background looks cool too.


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Hi Guys

Thanks for the comments

I was very impressed by the fast and easy build of the FT3D, this model was an easy extension of that really.

It still needs some flight tuning but i am pretty pleased with it so far.

The jet was given to me by a friend who scratch built it, it flies great but landing breaks a prop every time!
Thats why i built the landing gear you see in the pics, problem is its far to flimsy and looks like bambi on ice when trying to take off!

I think my next project will be Davids Viggen, that looks super cool.


Hi Guys

I cant believe i forgot to update you on the progress of my F82.

Well its not good im afraid
I added more thrust differential into the ruder mix and that worked well.
I wanted to lower the rates for the aileron and add a little more expo but i reduced the rates and added expo to the Elevator!

Even though the plane was flying well i decided to do an inverted pass to double check the CG.
When i rolled inverted the plane dove towards the ground!!
This obviously proved it was nose heavy and i thought it was tail heavy the big problem was that i only just had enough elevator throw to hold her just about in level flight/ Then i made the fatal mistake, i tried to pull up elevator and try a half loop to get back to level and i didnt have enough height!
She ploughed straight into the ground.
OF course what i should have done is to roll back to level flight rather than pull on the elevator, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I will know to build a little positive incidence into the main wing and pay close attention to where the CG will be when i build the next one.

Will keep you all posted

Cheers all



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I'm sorry that that it crashed. When flying inverted there is a saying down is up, and up is expensive. It looks like you used sketchup in the build process. Did you? Also did you find foam board with green and yellow paper or did you paint it? Once again my condolences on crashing it. At least the least expensive thing was the foam and you can make another.:black_eyed:
I had interest in the f-82 a while back and someone had posted a ft video where in the background you could see one hanging on the wall so Flight test has been working on one. It's rumored to be a future release but no official date.


It shouldn't do that....
2 questions-

Why is the foamboard green, and why not try slapping two Ft mustangs together?

Still looks good even in a heap! Cut the tails off and mount them on the wall, and then try again!


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They were planning a upgrade kit (with plans) for the FT Mustang to make it an FT-82 -- one extra fuse, mid-wing section and tail plank -- but it's never risen high enough in the list to go to release. There's always something newer/better/more-sought-after on the list bumping it off . . . much like the Mig-3 and Shindin :( There was also some traffic about releasing it with/shortly after the mini Mustang, but still, other priorities.

It's REALLY not that hard to scratch build your own:

- Build a center section the width of the wing root, in the same shape as the wing, long enough to go through both fuselages, then glue the regular wings onto this. Like the blunt-nosed versa add-on, It's all straight lines and right-angles, so it's really easy to scratch out. Dihedral gage will need to be cut in half, since you'll have two bends in the wing.

- elevator/H-stab is just a plank spread between the tails -- easy to cut it long then trim it to size.

- Rudder servo goes in one tail, elevator goes in the other. you can either mount a slave-strut for the rudder in the other tail, or let that rudder flap in the breeze.

- Span the gap with servo extensions to the RX and power each ESC with an independent pack . . .or run battery wires while you're at it -- your call.

If you put both tail servos on the same side, I've got an article on how build an adaptor to easily let you route two signals down a servo wire, instead of one signal and BEC power. might put the roll-balance off a touch, but would greatly simplify the routing. I'll dig it up if you're interested.


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um . . . Aeroncalover . . . have you noticed the date on the OP?

perhaps a bit necro, but still a cool project.
Or you can double down and try the P170 LMAO!!!! Two center wing sections and 3 fuselages.


Oh, yeah, and it doesn't fly yet (build thread link in sig).


I like 3D printers...
I drew one up based on the mighty mini mustang, but then though better of it.

Wing loading probably would have been insane. If there's interest, it wouldn't be too hard to scale the plans up a bit and still use the mighty mini power pod.