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FAA Can Make All Model Aircraft Flights Illegal, Federal Court Rules



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This is unfortunate. Basically it means that this will need to go to Congress before seeing any type of resolution.

It also means that we should be talking to our representatives about this.


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“within approximately 100 feet of an active heliport.”

Well... if now he is flying a rotary wing aircraft by ruling, then this is no longer a problem. He need just ask permission.

Does this mean we can ask permission to enter airport airspace to use commercial runways, as we are now considered as flying aircraft? Imagine 50 nutballs holding a landing pattern!!

“being paid by [a third party] to supply aerial photographs and video of the UVA campus and medical center.”

I don't remember anyone giving problems about someone being paid to take aerial footage from an aircraft in the past, only issues about it happening with aeromodels. But if they are ALL aircraft now, then this is now legal, no?
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"At the end of November 2014, Transport Canada will introduce new requirements for UAVs used for work. Specifically, a Special Flight Operations Certificate will no longer be required for UAVs under 2 kilograms and for certain operations involving UAVs under 25 kilograms. The new approach will apply to commercial operations and contribute to a strong safety regime for those on the ground and in the skies."

The text above was copied from THIS PAGE.

On the other hand, in the latest Weekly News (22 Nov, 2014) from RC Model Reviews youtube channel there is something mentioned about allowing to fly RC models virtually anywhere as long as the model stays below surrounding obstacles. Unfortunatelly, it happens in New Zealand, not US.


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I mentioned this whole thing to a Texas political consultant over the weekend, and his response was to quote Franklin: "Bad law is no law at all."

That should be our new motto. The FAA has imposed reckless, immoral "laws" which will bring about a just recompense for their evils. Methinks they all need to receive an opportunity to join the private sector. :cool:


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IMHO TBS are Terrorist! They are foreign nationals who's activities in our country caused a strict law change or restrictions to the free activities of the indigenous population (for our protection.....:confused:!). Same thing happened on 911 and the years following and continues. Welcome to the unimpeded Law Enforcement Growth process ending in a total POLICE state!:mad: