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hi guys,
I have a D8R-II plus receiver and a 9XR transmitter for my quad copter. When I was reading the manuel for the receiver it said it had a failsafe feature on it. I thought that it would be useful but I can't figure out how to set it up. Could you guys help me.

P.S. I have a KK2 board.


Dedicated foam bender
To set the failsafe, just set up what you want to happen if you lose signal, and hit the bind button on the Rx.
This video set's up a RTL on a different type of board, but the procedure is the same.
One caveat to a quad, next time you are flying note throttle position for either level hover or slow decent (your call) then when on the work bench get throttle back to that same position when you set fail safe. DO not trying spinning up props on ground whist at same time setting fail safe....good way to get some stitches....us plane guys have it a tad easier, trim it out and throttle off for nice easy glide slope to Mother Earth