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Fakeprofiles advertising sexportals in the Forum.

Hello guys and girls.

I received a pretty nasty message from a fake profile advertising a sex portal. I know such nasty messages already from Facebook already, but I am quite shocked that such people trying to utilize an RCForum.

Simply want to warn you, especially since not everyone in this forum is equally media competent, and we also have a lot of kids in this forum.

Report these fake profiles whenever you can, don't click at the link and ignore the message.

Quote from the message:
Hello stereodreieck86! I really love to be photographed without clothes and give my pictures to guys. Do you want to see me without clothes? Simply register and go to my profile on the site XXX I'll be waiting for you, dear =)



Master member
Got the same spam. I almost felt like replying, "Yes, because the first place I think of looking for links to dubious porn pages, is a forum devoted to radio controlled airplanes."

I mean, seriously. Finding porn on the internet is about as difficult as finding things with thorns in the Sonoran Desert. (Hint for those that have never been to the desert of Southern Arizona and Northern Mexico - EVERYTHING has thorns.)

Hopefully, one of the Mods will spot this topic soon, and boot their sorry bare hiney out of here.