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Fastest prop for C-Pack Radial

Just wondering if anyone's had experience with the C-Pack Radial (1180 KV) motors on 4s. I know that John Overstreet flies all his planes on 4s with a 10x45, but do any of you know what pitch prop an 8 Inch prop is suitable for the motor. I currently am using my C-Pack twin on 3s and 4s on 8x4.7, but am afraid to go up to 8x6 and maybe 8x7.



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Only one way to find out.

Start with the 8x6, run it for 10 seconds, stop the motor & grab the ESC & motor, checking for heat. Warm is OK, but if you can't or don't want to hold them, stop the test, that's too hot. If it passes the 10 second test, try a 30 second run, then a 60 second run, then a 2 minute run. If the 8x6 passes you could try a larger prop, if you want.

It's always a good practice to check the motor & ESC temp after each flight. Props that worked when it was 70 may not work when it gets hot outside, 95+.
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