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Fat Shark Dominator VS older Fat Shark goggles?


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I have taken a test drive with the older style fat shark goggles and really enjoyed the ride. I have been shopping for a pair and now having a hard time trying to decide which ones to get?? Anyone have the dominator or both? Pros and Cons on both?? Thanks for your help!


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I'm in the same boat. I've tried FatShark and they didn't blow me away or anything. I was actually thinking of getting the HeadPlay because of the higher resolution LCDs. Would be interested to hear other peoples feedback on this thread.
I'm resurrecting this thread in hopes of more data :)

I've been flying FPV for just about a year, using my Bixler, with 1.2g tx/rx and IBCrazy clover's. My camera is the SecuityCam2000.
For my ground station viewing, I started with an Easycap and my trusty laptop, but found that I could only fly late in the evening when the sun was low (and I would fly with the sun in my face to limit the glare). Bottom line, I couldn't get a clear/consistent view of my screen as I was always fighting glare, even from inside of a giant cardboard box.
Next, I moved to a 7" Haier TV inside a shadow box built from PVC and Depron. This has worked well, and has been my "go to" for the last several months.
The original Flitetest video from Chad's Twinstar flying through the clouds is what got me sunk into this segment of our hobby... and I am still craving that "immersive" feel of flying. SO I hinted excessively and my wife/kids pooled their resources to buy me my first goggles for my bday this last Sunday. The got the Fatshark Predators!

Hoooo-boy I was so excited. Skipped church and went out to my "big" flying area to try them out for the first time. The wind was up a little, but I didn't care. Set everything up just as easy as could be and as soon as the goggles were in place....

Slightly disappointed. The image from my Haier was significantly better. The field of view in the Predators seemed overly small, as if I was looking at a 4 or 5" screen... at a slightly greater distance than the depth of my shadow box for the Haier. On top of that, I had to adjust to goggles to create a little distance from my right eye from the screen, otherwise the upper right corner of the display would be blurry (couldn't read any of the osd output on that side). The colors weren't as true, and there seemed to be excessive white wash of the geographic features.

So... poop. I flew the remaining flight looking at the Haier instead, thinking that it must be something I wasn't doing right and that I'd trouble shoot when I got home.

Yesterday I read 200+ pages of forum notes on goggles, and frankly I'm still just as confused.

Should I scrap these for Dominators? Go with the HK/Turnigy set and fly with a bag over my head? Try to find Headplays somewhere? Every episode of Flitetest has the Josh's and Chad strapping on their "cool guy" goggles... I want to be cool too! :)

Let me know your thoughts.

Orcoz (Greg)
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If I am correct the Dominators has better image but less FOV.
Something worth considering when buying Goggles is the distance between your eyes.

I have an old pair of MYVU Crystal black and they have the same resolution as Fatsharks. I like the fact that these are more glasses than goggles, I can look over the pictures and see LOS. To prevent sun glares and such I just wear a cap.

1 of my local friends just got a pair of 'Sharks - we are going to compare them side by side connected to my groundstation so we both can view the same picture.

If I'm lucky my Myvu's are winners - if not I have to buy new goggles :D

I still like the newer rubbery eye caps compared to the foam pieces they used earlier.


It'd be interesting to get Chad's thoughts on the topic, as I'm guessing he's seen used most. What is that orange thing that the Swede straps on?:confused:


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I'm in the same boat. I've tried FatShark and they didn't blow me away or anything. I was actually thinking of getting the HeadPlay because of the higher resolution LCDs. Would be interested to hear other peoples feedback on this thread.
I just RMA'd a Headplay unit. Not impressed, first set the motherboard needed to be replaced, then the second mother board reboots randomly without even touching it. Not ideal.
HAHA - you mean Dadde's painted FatSharks ?
Ummm, I guess so if that is David :)

Thanks for that Dezertdog, this is the kind of feedback I was looking for as it is more opinion based.

Also - I'm claiming it now - I'm going to market a new RC t-shirt: "WWCD" hehe... what WOULD Chad do?


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Thanks for that Dezertdog, this is the kind of feedback I was looking for as it is more opinion based.
On paper they were great and I was sold, but they just aren't "solid". I could run them off the wall outlet without issue, but the moment I'd bump the main cable it would reboot. I got the liberator protector thing that was supposed to keep the cable from causing that, but never got to use it because it wouldn't run on battery power without causing a brownout 5 seconds after every boot. I worked with the guy for a couple weeks trying to troubleshoot the issues, but it was just too much and back they went.

Also, and I'm not sure if this was my eyes or the unit, but I had a really hard time not seeing double images overlapped on top each other. My wife says she could see one image, but it took at least a few minutes before my brain would figure it out, only during video and still then when I moved my eyes it was right back to two images. I don't know anyone with sharks so I can't compare the experience.
Quick update: I have been using the Fatshark predators more, and last night got over 30 minutes flight time with them. They are really starting to grow on me. I learned that the biggest difference is that the lenses in the Predators are plastic, but on the Dominators are glass. This apparently makes a difference in the sharpness of the view.

At this point I'm sticking with the FS Predators simply because they work as advertised :) I absolutely get that "in the plane" feeling, and many times wished that I was sitting down as I felt off balance due to the turns. That was great :cool:

The blurry side screen was really just based on the distance from my eye to the screen, and by adjusting the goggles slightly on the bridge of my brow as opposed to under, I was able to get a 99% clear screen/text.

I'd still like opinions though! Keep 'em coming.


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. . .many times wished that I was sitting down as I felt off balance due to the turns. That was great :cool:
If you watch this video I was OK until I tried chasing my son's Kinetic 800 and I actually felt sick almost fell over once lol

I've been using them for a while and really like them, about to buy a second pair for my son, I may try the Dominators just to see what they are like, but nothing wrong with the predators at all.

i am search between predator and dominator. but i never was try both. i can only read, what reviews and write to forums.
for me this is big money spent, and i can buy only one time for long period use.
and i dont understand, what be better for me. i know that glass lens is better.
but i cant understand for me FOV because i dont try it myself.

what you can recommend? thanks


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I have the Predators but waiting for the Dominators to come in and I'll buy those for my son. FOV is just how big the screen looks in the glasses. I've heard some people say they don't like the Bigger FOV because its hard to read the OSD on the far ends of the screen, then I've also heard that The Glass lens makes the world of difference . . but who knows. I will be interested to hear what people think who have both. Will report back what Thomas and I think when we get the second pair


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Any update on this? Bms, I know you were going to get another pair of Predators for Thomas... I'm curious about the Dominators because with a buddy code it's only $272. Wondering if it's worth the extra cost (considering it needs a rx, camera and headtracker) for the glass optics, or whether the Predator RTF is the best balance of value and quality. Like for many people, it's a huge investment for me and I want to get the best bang for my buck whilst having something that'll last.


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Any update on this? Bms
Thomas changed his mind and want's the Predators which are fantastic since I've started using a SecurityCamera2000 Camera on the Bixler. Having said that I'm trying to get Thomas to hold out until the New FatSharks are released. I believe Bruce already has one . . or its on its way and apparently some sellers already have some . . I have no idea who


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The FatShark Camera isn't great at all. Having said that, Thomas was flying my Mini Skywalker yesterday with it. In fact he did his first 100% FPV Launch and Landing (I'll post the video soon). If you want to do serious FPV, its not for you but I do like the idea of using Goggles standalone without a ground station. If I had to give you a rating system based on my personal opinion about the cameras I would rate them as follows: SecurityCamera2000=10, Cheap Pal HK Camera=6, FatSharkCombo Kit Camera=4

The number 4 sounds really bad but its not that bad, but rather how far apart the cameras are in MY opinion. Not sure if I've answered your question or made things worse :confused: