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Fatshark dissapointment rant


Junior Member
You would think that when you spend $400+ on a FPV system it would be designed to be user friendly. My Fatshark Attitude goggles were short lived. The dreaded solar sun spot shows up on the micron thin film in the left eye. Mind you I am aware not to point the goggles into the sun. I did my best to take care of this investment, but unfortunately that wasn't enough.

Maybe Fatshark should put a shutter system into the goggles so that the thin film can be protected from any light until such time that the goggles are put on. When taken off the shutter can be activated to prevent the sun from going through the concave and convex lenses in essence burning a hole in the film.

Rant off...


Staff member
That is actually not a bad idea. Some kind of automatic shutter shouldn't be too difficult.
Fatshark won't do anything, we still don't have a power button because they don't want to change their design at all. Hopefully Chinese competition will force them to change