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Favorite Cheese?


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mmmm... cheese <3

My fav cheeses (non specific order)
- Mozzarella
- Brie
- Port Salut
- Old Amsterdam
- Gorgonzola
- Gouda cheese
- Feta
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Something about blue cheese just doesn't seem to qualify as real cheese. I can't say I've really had some other than maybe diping a wing in some dressing. I'm not sure that counts. There are enough familiar cheeses out there that I don't feel any need to pull a Captain Kirk du fromage.
Wisconsin cheese....it's the best. :). Oh wait...you're talking about flavors....here in WI there is a single cheese factory that makes something called Smoked Butter Kase. It is unbelievable. And if you have never had fresh cheese curds you are missing a treat. There are a few benefits to living here in WI.

California may say their cheese comes from happy cows but WI cheese comes from passionate cows. :).


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Salami cheese. I think it's a cheddar with small bits of salami in it. Probably just a Wisconsin thing, but pretty good stuff.

I think Baby Swiss is my favorite. It's really hard to have just one!
Stilton, the King of Cheeses, the best mature Cheddar I have had came from Cheddar in Somerset and was matured in the big cave at Cheddar Gorge (UK)