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Favorite rc quotes

Reply with your favorite rc quotes. You can quote from everyone that writes/makes videos about rc. For example: flitetest, rcmodelreviews, rctestflight, alishanmoa etc etc etc


''It comes in a nice colored box'' Paul from hobbyking reviews

"Uhm" Daniel rctestflight


Driftin' with the wind...
I can't remember where I found this one.


Takeoffs are optional, landings are mandatory.
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creator of virtual planes
I started using the phrase "nothing to it but to do it" as used a few times by Josh Scott. Not really RC related. But kinda. I said that to a co-worker the other day and he loved the saying.

Foam Addict

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"You cannot fly this plane."
Josh Bixler at his finest.:p

Edit: Watch this guys!

I got it, I got it!

It was the receiver! Really!
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"NNNeeeooo! BAD! Dondoit!" - David Windestål

"Well... that's one way." - random

"I can fix that." - everyone

"Hup.... no... oop.... ahhh... I got it. Nope. (crunching noises about 100 yards away) Don't got it." - random

"That is that." - Me.