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FBRC 2018 Spacefarers of Catan by FoamyDM


Building Fool-Flying Noob
This thread is to document my jump into model rocketry with a Spacefarers of Catan Model Rocket.

The Plan
I will use foam board to build the rocket and a simple set of led circuits to light up the Cannons have

For the rockets, I will be making a number of these:
using the screw on technique, the are suppose to be reusable.

Not sure if the Side rockets should be dummy rockets or not, but I will build the the bases as if they were going to support working rockets.

I will see about some sketches in a little while.
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Building Fool-Flying Noob
Reserved for Challenge rules reminder

Banned Materials

Balsa wood for the use of fins for the rocket
Cardboard tubes (except for around the rocket motor ONLY so the foam does not melt)
Pre-made plastic nose cones (3d printed is allowed)

Design Rules

In this stage the requirements are very simple, participants must
Design and make plans for their rocket
prove their rocket can fly (video evidence)
Build instructions (video or on the forum)
You may have more than one entry
The fusealage of the rocket must be made of foam board
The rocket must use an estes D class or lower rocket motor
The rocket can only be a single stage but can have multiple motors
The rocket must take off of the standard estes rocket launch pad
You may make gliders that attach to your main rocket or make the main rocket a glider.
The deadline is July 12th 2018


I was a little hesitant to add this part but this is a challenge so there might as well be a winner. I am unsure who will be doing the scoring but I think we could set up the projects, or pictures for those who can not attend FFE18 and have the community vote on the best based off of
Performance (20)
Height (measured by altimeter)
Time aloft (specifically for gliders not for conventional rockets)
Attention to detail (10)
Durability/Re-usability (20)
Cool Factor (Most bonus points available 10)
Stability in air (20)

The goal for this project is to get as many people into the challenge and to have fun and not have to spend a fortune to do it. I would love to fly these at FFE18 but I don't know if they will be allowed, so if Stefan is reading this please let me know!