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FC Receiver Wiring Help Needed

Hello everyone,

I am building my first quad and i am having trouble connecting my receiver. So I have a SP Racing F3 V1 Flight controller and I don't know where i should wire my FrySky XSR Receiver? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


-King Kwad


Master Tinkerer
They are JST SH connectors, according to the manual. Next thing is the pin count. I.e, "JST SH 7 pin", etc. Should be easy to find on amazon, just look and make sure that it's the right shape- there are a few types of JST connector out there in the wild. ;)


Eternal Student
There are UART1 & 3 headers as well, though I know on my clone SPF3 the UART3 header doesn't work. These are shown in the manual I linked. Definitely worth trying.