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FF 2019 with family from Spain


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Looking for some advice. Me and my family have been considering going to FF ohio in 2019, while visiting some relatives. We have two kids who will be 8 and 5 at the time. What would be the best way to stay there? I'm thinking of renting an RV, but are there other alternatives? Does anyone have experience with staying in an rv at ff with kids?

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated!


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I've camped/glamped each year. People here are friendly, facilities on-site are good (food/drink vendors, showers), and its nice not to have a drive each morning. However hotels will be nice. May be worth holding off for a minute on doing a hotel until they make an announcement on what is to come of the airpark, since that might change what hotels are close/far, what the camping situation is, etc.


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Hola España!

Much also depends on what the family tolerates when they go "camping". My wife and I went "camping" once and wow did we have different ideas of what that was. For me, a tent in a secluded area, cooking by the fire, and exploring as much as possible. For my wife it was more like going to a paid campsite with buildings, hot showers, toilets for sure, and stopping at ventas para meredar y tomar cafelitos along the way.

I would recommend making sure you know what your better half expects and just accept that you need to do that if you ever want repeat trips. Agora, si vienes con la señora eso seria un ayuda para mi porque yo tambien deseo traer mi señora y por lo tango que puede charlar con alquien esta muy contenta. De que parte de España? I was stationed in Rota and my wife is from Jerez.

Bien venido al foro.
Flite Fest has portajohns and showers for campers. Bringing an RV may be a little nicer than tent camping, since you have more room to store things and a "quiet place" if you want to get away from the crowds or weather. Being an introvert, I know how important that can be. Hotels are a good option too. There are some around 10 minutes away -- a few in Carrollton, the Palmantiers Motel right near Edgewater, and I believe even a few B&Bs.

Carrollton is a small town but they have stores and restaurants to provide all the necessities if you forgot something, as does nearby Minerva. If you're camping and want to venture out within walking (or biking) distance, Malvern has a fine grocery store, a handful of small restaurants, and a couple of other small shops. Canton and Alliance aren't very far away (about 30 minutes each) and have even more in case you need something more unusual.