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FFFFW-Fan Fold Foam Flying Wing


Here's my first flying wing! Total build time was about 2 hours. Its a testament to the old adage, "If you have a big enough engine, you can make a barn door fly." My "plans" are at the nose-serious back of the envelope stuff!

The whole thing is pretty much encased with a packaging tape exoskeleton. aileron hinges are just packaging tape on top and bottom. Airfoil shape is almost non-existent.

I have 3 flights on it. The cg was too far back on the first one, so it flitted around like a butterfly until the inertia from the prop spun the nut off the threaded shaft. It then fell to Earth like a leaf. No harm done!

The second flight got off to a good start, but I over corrected on launch and hit the ground slightly nose down. It pitched the battery off.

On the third flight, I moved the battery slightly back and she flew like a twitchy fighter! Until, she threw the battery off and fell to the ground like a leaf. Fourth flight is coming up. I've taped the battery solidly down with layers of tape (sure, I have velcro, but why waste it?).

This wing is my combat fighter. She needs an adversary!

DSCF6290.jpg DSCF6291.jpg


You calling me out, Monkey? You want some of this? Think you can handle this?

Dude, I'm still trying to work out the bugs. Right now, the GROUND is my adversary! LOL!!!


IT FLIES!!!!!!! CG is too far forward, but it flew! It is HARD to maintain orientation, though. It looks the same upside down and down side up!


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Nice job. I tried putting mine up today but found that ground a little too quickly. The nose just shot up and over in record time and almost safely found its way back to the ground. Now after gluing a winglet back on and reattaching a starboard aileron I need to re configure my CG.

Yours looks nice. Is that first pic before or after your CG reconfig?


That was after. My first cg location was based upon a method I found online. It was something like 15%-20% of mean wing chord. But it totally discounts the large area in the middle (at least I didn't take it into account). CG is WAY forward of that!

I flew the HECK out of it today! Discovered that it flies equally as well without the winglets (and looks much cooler). I also discovered that, after flying the heck out of it, including flying it into the ground on several occasions, it is easier to start over again than repair. Cost-so cheap its not even worth figuring out! LOVE this wing thing!


More combat please...
We use the FC2812 a lot in this size plane
Get ya some prop savers 3mm an locktite them onto the shaft and the screws that hold 'em in.
I have some adversaries for ya- I've you ever road trip it out west... :)
It would be my pleasure to send you home with a bag full of broken foam ;)


Well, FlyingMonkey....
I had a GREAT time flying the wing yesterday. But, bravado and gravity got the best of me, as they usually do. What appeared to be a repairable crash turned into, "I'll just start over."

I have started on Rev 2 of my flying wing. It is going to be carved out of a 2" thick block of very inferior foam. I spent a bit of time this evening trying to envision the final product from said block of foam. I also spent a good bit of time trying to remember how to fix the x and y axes to the same scale in excel so that I can print out the airfoil to scale in order to make a template for hot wire cutting. I haven't resolved either.

Once I figure out how to carve it out of the foam, I'll look into how I can give it a strong exoskeleton without adding too much weight. Glassing doesn't seem to work out well on this scale. I really should stop playing around and just build a real airplane. Stupid lack of money.