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Finally Bought A Phantom 4, WORTH

for a long time i have always built my quads, the thinking behind this was why pay $1000+ for a camera platform. however this black Friday i decided to just go ahead and get a phantom and i couldn't be happier. my previous build was a FT electrohub build with a vector flight controller and gimbal mount for my go pro, additionally i had it set up for FPV to get a look at what i was shooting. I have nothing bad to say about this rig as it work great for what i was going for when i built it. however switching to a phantom was a whole new experience. less time and effort is spent flying the craft so all my focus could be on getting the shot i was looking for. That being said flying a phantom is nothing like flying my FT210 and thats a good thing. when im looking to rip and fly acro the FT210 is awesome and i will choose to build a racer at this point rather then buy one. however with areal photography i would say the phantom is hands down one of the best things you can get for the average photographer just looking for the best way to get beautiful photos and videos. additionally in my experience if you are starting from nothing and looking to build something with the capabilities of the phantom you will be spending close to the amount a phantom cost when its all said and done. this video shows some video i have taken with my phantom right out of the box.

Congrats on the new quad.

I pretty much feel the same way. When I first got into flying quads my first quad was a phantom 1. I loved it until the first time I went out with a couple guys flying blackouts. I spent a few months trying to do flips with it before I decided to build a ZMR. Now I'm finding more opportunities to fly the phantom. Personally pulled the trigger on a Mavic a few weeks ago, have to wait until mid January to even consider getting it. I'm hoping it will be worth the wait.

Best of luck and happy flying.