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Finally...realistic GoPro Alternative


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GoPro has cornered the market for a bit too long, glad to see that there's finally some real competition and with any luck they should drive each others prices down.....


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It certainly looks like a gopro clone.

I'd be interested to see user reviews of it.

Thanks for sharing this with us!


Stuck in Sunny FL
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I found a little info on it here...


It's called the CamOne Infinity. A quote of the article is here...

We received some details about the new CamOne Infinity, which is a miniature HD camera made by ACME. As you can see from the photo above, it is incredibly small, but still capable of recording 1080p video. It has an interchangeable lens, as well as two Micro SD card slots. My guess is they are looking to compete with GoPro and Contour. The CamOne Infinity has an MSRP of about $330 US. No word yet on when it will be available.
The brand new CamOne infinity, a micro full HD action cam, made by CamOneTec (ACME), Germany, is the biggest coup within the competition of most innovative camera technique in the field of micro cams. The tiny unit distinguishes due to an integrated high resolution live Screen, Full HD recordings in 1080p and several other not yet seen features. Exchangeable lenses as well as digital video transmission for image control are available accessories. The miniature camera impresses with the materials used, like the aluminum housing and precise glass lenses in the optics field, as previously only known from bigger and therefore high-priced products. Quite clearly it lifts itself from the well-known competing products made of plastic – not only regarding Picture- and sound quality. In a direct comparison it leaves nearly nothing to be desired, because the best and newest sensor quality is already integrated. Last but not least the mentioned RRP of only 250 EUR,-will ensure a rapid spread in the private, but also professional TV sector.

And then there's this article, with an interesting report that it will be able to transmit video...




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Yeah, very little info on it at the moment and the only place I have found it for sale is HERE and the price looks to be about on par with the GoPro....less if you consider the fact it has a built in screen.

These are the same guys who currently make the flycamone and carcamone which seemed to be the camera of choice before GoPro cornered the market (certainly here in the UK). I was actually looking to purchase a Flycamone Eco V2 as something cheap to throw on my Combat SPAD when I happened upon this....but I think I may be adding the Infinity to my order.

FlyCamOne have the V3 and new HD which come with video transmission add-ons, so promises of such accessories would not be pie in the sky as they already have proven technology that they can adapt.


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Nice BigDon !
Thanks for sharing !
Like UndCon I would like to know as well what resolutions per fps this cam has (for slow motion).
Wonder why this is not written in any specs.
GoPro is great and i'm afraid very hard to beat.


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I'm kind of surprised that more people haven't tried the Replay XD for RC applications.
Has anybody here tried one? Is there a disadvantage compared to the GoPro?


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Looks great! But it is the question whether it can compete with a real GoPro HD Hero 1 or 2.

But it seems promising, however the price... not that much difference in comparison to a GoPro and because there is so much known about it, it will stay the leader in extreme sports cameras I Think.


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I'm not trying to "sell" the Infinity as being better than the GoPro, just pointing out that there now seems to be someone else who's offering something that can be considered as a side to side comparison on many of the features. There's no doubting that other cameras can compete in terms of picture quality, weight, features etc. However when it comes to strapping it to your plane fore aerial video/photo and FPV the GoPro has lead the way because of it's shape and size (IMO).

If you're not familiar with the company that are making this new cam, then you should check out http://www.flycamone.com/

I have the original flycamone (no longer in production) and the original flycameone2 (also no longer in production) and seen many of their newer cameras being used. The ones I still have are not HD, but they have been reliable platforms for aerial video for years....I bought them third hand from my brother who had bought them from someone else when they upgraded. They have been in more crashes and bumps than I care to remember and the oldest one has even been in the water!!! So these guys build stuff that lasts.

There's no doubt they will have their work cut out for them in competing with GoPro, but the point is...there's now some competition. This can only be good for the consumer both in terms of getting a better product and price. Makes no difference to me which one comes out on top...not in the short term anyways, but longer term the consumer will be the winner, whichever it is.

I'm in the market for a camera of this type and swithering between the two. There's a couple of things on the Infinity that put it ahead of the GoPro for me (easy lense change and screen being the top two), I just need to decide if I'm willing to take the punt on a new product....although the quality of the companies previous offerings lessens that concern somewhat.


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A Youtube search for "Camone Infinity" will bring up a handful of videos. I had seen one where there's a guy skiing and he has both cameras and he switches between them for a direct (independent) comparison but I can't locate it at the moment.

This one is produced by the company themselves and recorded at 720 on 60fps

I also saw an announcement saying the camera would be available in the USA from middle to late February and the price will be $250 including the selection of mounts and waterproof divebox.


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Yeah. It's intended for "remote viewing" which for us RCers is just another way of saying FPV.

Although I would imagine most FPVers would be more likely to just take the HDMI Out or use the AV Out (via USB) and send it via their own transmission system instead of using whatever is produced by these guys themselves.