Finding the right FPV goggles


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Hi all.

I am fairly new in the RC world and i build my first zmr 250 racing quad with fpv gear.
I borrowed a pair of fatshark attitude of a friend and they worked nice but i was not happy about they needed to be placed 100% on your face to get a perfect view.

So i went all in to buy the fatshark dominator HD2 because thats what you see the big boys use right??

Well i got them but i really cant get use to them. They have the blurry sides and all.
I cant adjust them so everything is 100%. I see some posts say that you can try to use the -2 lenses that comes a long with them but hey i just payed 400 punds for a set of goggles with the biggest FOV and now they want me to shrink the image??? :/

I havent tried the -2 linses yet but what does others think??
Have any of you had the same problems??
If so did you become happy about them??

It has been accepted from the seller that i can return them and get my monet back but what do i do then?? :(

Here in Denmark we dont have many or even any places you can go and try them out before you buy them and i dont know any others with fatshark goggles.

I was considering to try out the Attitude V3 with faceplate because the old version was working for me but i am lost of what to do..

Hope some nice FPV pilots have some good advice for a noob ;)

Cheers out there and Flitetest - Thanks for a lot of great videos. They have really inspiered me to get into the RC world :) Hope to get the oppotunity to go to one of your shows one day :)


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I wear glasses for astigmatism and while I can and have used the fatshark type goggles, what works best for me are the wider screen LCD monitor type goggles like the headplay, quanum diy, etc styles. I know some people don't like them because the screen might seem too big as well, so it's a matter of preference I think. See if you can try them out first. When I go to any field with fpv flyers, there's always at least one with those goggles.


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Usually one of the issues with goggles is not being able to see the entire screen clearly. That is due to the distance that your eyes are spaced is different from the distance set in the goggles. I am not sure why these are not standard set up to be adjustable but that is THE biggest flaw why I don't want to use Fatshark gear.

I recently got glasses and know what my IPD (interpupilary distance is) The avg. I think they set goggles at is 63 mm so if you have a wider or thinner face that will change. The Skyzone goggles I know have the IPD adjustments as a standard feature so a pair like that would probably help you a lot. I suggest to see an optometrist to get your specific IPD spacing. If you go to like Walmart optical and ask nicely and tell them you just need to know your IPd so you could get a correct set of FPV goggles they would more then likely do it for free.


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I am not sure why these are not standard set up to be adjustable but that is THE biggest flaw why I don't want to use Fatshark gear.
the fat sharks HAVE an IPD adjustment on the Dominator's and attitudes
Optional diopter inserts (-2, -4, -6) are available for those with less than perfect vision, allowing these goggles to be used by a majority of glasses wearers. Inter Pupil Distance (IPD) adjustment allows the goggle fit to be adjusted to for nearly any face. AttitudeV3 includes the fan equipped faceplate for extra comfortable fit and fog free viewing.

the spektrum/fat shark teleporters do NOT have IPD adjustment as far as I know the only one with out