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finishing request

Could you guys at flitetest please make a full episode for finishing your models because they look so smooth I dont know how you do it whether you use epoxy or plastic film wrap but considering you make good videos it would be very informative if you could make an official flitetest how to vid on the subject.



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I was going to ask a similar question. It appears that some of the scratch builds are covered in monocote. However, wouldn't that add a lot of weight?


Dedicated foam bender
If it's a foam build, they generally are either colored packing tape or Minwaxed and painted. If it looks like monocote on a foam build it's probably packing tape...
I've been using with great success Krylon paint for plastic. It will not eat the foam.
I'll put down a mask with my tape for the areas I do not want painted. The do several light passes with the Krylon paint for plastic. It dries fast too. Then remove the mask for a cool design.

Looking to do patterns, circles, and other stuff? Put your tape down on glass or cutting surface. Cut out your pattern, then apply it to the plane right before you paint. Be sure to use a good tape like 3M so it stays down while you are painting.

Good luck.

As with all paints, always test before doing the real thing.


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I've used the colored duct tape on my foam board planes (specifically the silver, looks great in the air.) I've also used airbrush paint though you have to be extremely careful and use reducer so you don't wet the paper and cause warping.

I haven't tried the Minwax trick yet.
The Flite Test guys also have their vinyl decal kits. A lot of the strips and rays I've seen on their birds are from that. My wife has a Cricut 6"x12" cutter for scrapbooking that I've flashed the firmware on so I can cut out any design I want in vinyl. I'm going to be doing some new designs with it on my upcoming projects.
Skeplin, I use painters masking tape put down on a cutting mat. I then cut out my design and put the masking tape on the plane. The masking tape is where you do not want the paint.

I use Krylon paint made specifically for plastic. Be sure you get the paint made for plastic and also test it to be sure it is compatible with your type of foam. I've had great success with several planes already.
Icrash they look cool, how often do suggestions get used for full shows? I only want these guys to make a vid for it is because I want to even the small details as to how to do these things correctly, I just received delivery of 'foam armour' water based resin for a glider does anyone know which fibreglass cloth to get for a glider thinner the better?