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Firefeather Rocket Glider/DLG/Hotliner


I build things that fly (sometimes)
Thanks guys! Happy to hit "cut" on another set of vinyl stickers if you want them. Black or white.
I think black would work best on mine, and that would be awesome!

I've got my fingers crossed I can make it out to the club meeting on Thursday. I assume it is still at Poplar Ford, right? I need to get that newsletter out too. Between some work related stuff and Flite Fest the last three weeks have been CRAZY! If I can make it I want to bring the Stearman out. Fingers crossed.


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At our club's meeting on Thursday both @wilmracer and I maidened our Firefeathers - and they performed excellent! Neither of us had to mess around with moving the CG - we did a couple tosses in the grass, and then launched with electric motors. Loved how easy it was to point vertically and gain as much altitude as I liked, and then cut the motor out for some lazy relaxing gliding around the field! :love:

Here's a little video of @wilmracer 's maiden flight, doing lazy circles in the sunset! :D

I'll probably wait on DLG launching until I find someone who knows what they are doing to check out my setup and talk me through it.


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Thanks for getting the video! I was too excited during the maiden to think about getting it on "film". But I didn't change anything on the setup between the 1st and 3rd flight - she really flew that nice right from the start!

I do recommend this kit - performs great and simple to build. Just add the hatch if you plan to be swapping batteries out often! :D


Free Flight Indoorist
I love these builds and the flight footage.

A new and interesting data point: I threw an APC 5.2x6.2 prop on mine with a 3s350. You have to be really careful about the motor overheating, but the performance is absolutely incredible. It's getting right into the 100 mph range with that setup, and you still get very good flight times, around 8 minutes, since most of the time is still spent floating around. Or carving around in my case, because I fly it like a hotliner.

The little HK folding props are still king for flying it as a soaring machine though, on the 2s300 batteries.

My next one is going to be covered in Doculam or something like that so I can throw lights in it.


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Well... I don't think I've got the hang of discuss launching yet! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:


Not to worry - clean break and simple fix. Will be back to full health in a few days.