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Firewall coming off of the Power Pod

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Happy Thursday, All!

Question. One of our mini scouts has a firewall that keeps coming detached from the foam more often than it should. At first I simply re-glued it to the pod. After that failed a couple of times I removed all glue from the firewall and the foam (best I could) scratched up the firewall and glued it back on. Tonight on the second flight it came off again. I've not had this happen with any other plane. Obviously, I could build a new pod but I'm wondering if there is another option.



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What are you using as glue?

I use epoxy and generally have to CUT it off of the damaged powerpod if I intend to reuse it!

Have fun!


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Do you have packing tape around the firewall holding it to the power pod? That should hold it securely to the pod and keep the glue from seperating
Yep - packing tape or, if you have it, extreme packing tape is a great way to keep the firewall secure.



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A motor running generates heat, an ESC also generates heat, At least the air is getting colder for you now but if you added a warm day then you may see that all of this heat around the hotmelt glue CAN soften it and then the motor slowly pulls the firewall forward until it separates.

Fitting tape over the Firewall to the sides of the power pod may help but only if the BBQ skewers go through the tape as well.

After losing a few planes early on I determined that hotmelt does not stick to ply and most other wood very well. I have used epoxy on EVERY firewall for the past almost 3 years and have never had a firewall dislodge since. I have had a few motors loosen their screws and depart but the firewall is always where I mounted it.

Just my opinion and what I do.

Have fun!


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I have had this also I now use only "Reinforced Packing tape" Ie., DucK Tape Clear or any of those that have fiber In-breaded in the tape.
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The firewall of the Mini Scout is very small. If you have the motor directly mounted to it, the heat will warm up the glue until it melts. You need to use either something to insulate the motor, like a fibre or plastic spacer (make sure high enough melting point) or use glue that doesn't melt.