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Firmware issues


Rotor Riot!

[TD="class: alt2"]The fuses error can be prevented by choosing the right Atmel chip. I've had this error before and found out I choose the wrong Atmel chip (168 instead of 168P). - Dr. Gonzo[/TD]

Gotten from another forum :) Hope that helps.

For the V3 HK KKboard it's a 328PA chip.
Well luckily I just read about the problem in the HK Forum.
The thread is here.
And the solution seems to be (copy from HK Forum):
"Update ...

I sent a request to Christian Moll and he has put up a fix.
Download the .60 beta 1 version of the kkmulticopter flash tool.

Let me know how you go ....

Garry "

But I don't have that board. I have the 2.1 Version.


Senior Member
Okay!!!! I finally figured it out. On LazyZeros site do not download the "latest stable" version. It does not work. You have to use the beta version.
Yeah he should defiantly take that non-working software off of his site.
Sorry but I hate it when people say something like that.
I don't want to know how many hours this person worked so that you had an easy solution for a firmware reflash.
And you criticize him for doing it the correct way by putting the new software in a beta status.

So you got a free solution to a problem but unfortunately you had to do some research and use the beta version instead of searching for alternative programm, getting to know it so you could execute a flash, search for the softwarecode and adapting to the version of your chip. And because of that you critsize him?
Damn be thankful he did all that work, saved you much time and probably made even possible for you to flash something because in the other version you have to know a little bit about writing software code.

I just saw that you are in the Tricopter group. I don't know if you are setting up your first tri or not but if you want to set up your first and use the Tricopter KK-Setup from rcexplorer.se you have to use the tri 1.6 firmware by kapteinkuk. Don't use the newer versions.
@Johntra yeah I know that feeling but be patient. My first flight with my tricopter ended in a big crash because after 16 hours of work I did not want to wait for the next afternoon and rushed through the last tests. Good Luck.