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First Build! Spektrum AR620 not activating EMAX ESC

Hi Everyone,
This is my first Flite Test build and my first anything build since the late 80's. I have a Spektrum DX6, which has properly bound to the AR620 (powered by the ESC) and moves servos fine; however, the throttle does not engage the motor, nor do I get the arming beeps when I power it on. Am I missing a step? I have tried reading the Spektrum manual, but it's fairly sparse.
Thank you!


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I did this once. I was always used to fm radios and the throttle slot was different. Some receivers are channel 2 and others are channel 3. Make sure the esc into the rx right side up too. It all sounds simple but I've spent hours wondering why it wouldn't work.
First you should make sure that your esc is connected to the throttle channel, then you should make sure that it is calibrated. Welcome back to the hobby!
Thank you! I still have 3 models from the 80's that I am hoping to convert to electrics, a Goldberg Eaglet, Super Kaos 40, and an Aeromaster Too. I have a lot to relearn about radios and electronics!


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Thank you for the information. So here is a really stupid question. There is only one lead from the ESC and I am plugging it into the battery (see attached), is that incorrect? Thank you!
Everything is correct, but your esc should be plugged into the throttle channel on the receiver (channel 1/data), not the other ones.