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First event coverage with video

I thought I would leave here this link with the video I made from an event we organized with our rc club:


I tried to mix footage from my gopro on my quad (I flew the thing), a gopro on the ground on the obstacles, and some shots made from a smartphone. Took me about 15 hours to edit.

This event is a competition with multiple teams trying to score points in 5 different stunts types. Loads of fun for both the public and the pilots!

Any feedback on the video is welcome!
I had much fun watching your video. It was recorded and edited so beautifully and professionally. I watched it with much interest. Well done! You are probably using a professional video editing app. I am also editing, and I was interested in what are you using? There are plenty of apps out there, and I would like to try different software. Mine, I have bought here https://videohive.net/item/davinci-resolve-plugins/34166553. I like it a lot. It has so many various possibilities. With more than 20 packs and 10000+ assets, the process of editing videos is unbelievably interesting. Tell me about your process and how complex it is.
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