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First FPV set up help


Junior Member
I would hope that Josh Bixler would chime in on this?????!!!!
I am on old fart beginner and my flying buddy is an advanced young kid (the best trainers)

We want to buy a plane, motor complete and all the best, plane back pack and ground station electronics the first time.
I have learned from experience that it is best to do the best first!

My question is: lets compile a list of all the best proven materials set it up and fly it, $ money is not a problem.

Maybe Josh & Josh could do a segment on it??

There it is folks a challenge; but I need a list of materials please ----------------- :):cool::black_eyed::D


Site Moderator
If you're willing to spend the dollars, I would go down the path of what Team Black Sheep offer. Its a Few $Ks worth but proven.


Pirate ParkFlyer
You want a list of FPV parts?

That is impossible because FPV is subjective, it differs for everyone depending on where you live or fly. Everyone's results are different with the same parts and most people use different parts or frequencies. FPV is not about parts or materials, it's about know how, and you either learn or you don't...