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First FT Cub Build


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Well, I started all this last year about this time. Since then I’ve built a lot of planes. I started with the Simple Scout kit, then 3 Mini Scouts. I got a Tiny Trainer kit which really helped build my flying skills.

Let’s see, then I built an Arrow, a Spear, a Spitfire, 3 Bloody Baron variants, a Mini Guinea, a DR-1, SE-5, 2 Mini Bf-109s, a Dornier Libelle, an F-86 70mm EDF (maiden tomorrow)...I might have forgot something, and there are a couple in progress (Storch on the build table). Other than the kits, the above are all scratch builds.

I really enjoy the building. It’s tremendously rewarding to see the materials come together into an aircraft. I’m gearing up for a master series build, and a P-47 is up soon.
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Wow you got lots on the dossier, kinda sounds like my list, except yours probably last longer lol. How is the flying going? Do you have any video of these birds?


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Grifflyer, I used Zephyr1’s 50mm EDF F-86 plans. Somehow I had the print settings off and it printed at 125%. I decided that since I had the plans already printed I’d just use those. The plane looks good, but we’ll see how she flies.


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Well, too many chores and not enough light here in Alaska. I got to fly the Cub again as the light was fading. I adjusted the ailerons and the expo for the ailerons and elevator.

The F-86 will have to wait until next week. Ah, well.