First post, first plane, first flight!


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Hope you don't mind my rambling.

I've wanted an RC plane since I was a kid, never happened, now I'm 35 and thought I'd try and scratch build a foam board plane with no plans.
Me and a friend worked on it for a while, bought a Flysky FS-i6X transmitter with FS-iA10B receiver, a couple of cheap servos and we almost got a barely controllable glide out of it, before running out of enthusiasm.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I've bought myself a second hand FMS SuprEZ, a basic lipo charger and two 2200mah 3s Rhino batteries.

Now there is some kind of weather anomaly ruining my fun!!
We've got a terrible looking simulator called RC-AIRSIM (£4.99 on Steam), which made us realise we're basically idiots and can't fly anything. Regardless, I charged both my batteries in preparation for the maiden flight last night. The weather wasn't letting that happen, and doesn't look like it will for the next week or so. I believe they need to be discharged to storage voltage?
(Attempted to run the motor in the house but the amount of noise created for voltage lost is not worth my life)

Anyway, we're looking forward to getting in the air - but if anyone wants to jump in with useful advice now would be a great time :D



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I am no expert, but I think having your battery fully charged for a few days is not too bad.
Problems would be to store them for many weeks/months, during the winter lets say.

Keep practicing on your sim; it helps a lot with the muscle-memory

Good Luck!


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I was looking forward to flying on Saturday here in the US, but apparently, it's supposed to be raining in southern California. I feel your pain!


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We love to grumble about the rain but we love the snowpack! 😁no rain in the bay @sprzout , come on up!

Not this weekend...While my in laws would probably love it, I'm taking the wife to Disneyland next week for our 10 year anniversary, so traveling up there isn't quite going to work out. :) But maybe in May for her birthday; she said something about wanting to go to Santa Cruz.


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Well, at least you get to fly the millennium falcon at the galaxy’s edge! Happy anniversary btw!