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First scratch build Multi Rotor Wooden Bat Bone Tri and V-tail quad

Hi everyone this is my second post on the Flite Test forums.

A brief introduction I recently found RC again, I started racing 1/8 Buggy and short course almost 2 years ago after about a 10 year break..lol Anyway, one day at the local hobby shop I picked up a pair of Blade 120 heli almost exactly a year ago.. Now I own Blade 120, 130x, SR, a few ultra micro foam planes as well as my new favorite heli-max 1sq v-cam.

I've only had the v-cam for about a week and I love every minute of flying it, this was taken the second day I had it. Not a great video but this is above the Mississippi river, so super windy for a micro quad, and I was super impressed. This lead me to start considering a much larger rig for go-pro FPV..

Long story short I built the Flite test f22 raptor a few months ago and it flew! so with the flite test crews vast knowledge and youtube videos on multi rotors I came to the forums and found the CAD plans for the bat bone.

Thanks to kahOOna and EdinSimon for the CAD plans.

Found the Plans Friday night, started buying supplies Saturday, Frame complete on Sunday.

I'll post pictures if anyone has questions I'll try my best to answer them.

Supplies wood $10.39 for enough to build two bat bone frames, all landing gear, motor mount plates. I just need to get the booms for the V-tail. So I estimate for $20 I can built two 100% complete bat bone frames.

Screw .97 cent per pack from Walmart. I needed 1 pack (7 screws and nuts per package) and a package of washer to distribute the load, also .97 for the pack

Black spray paint $3.98

If you divide the cost of all the parts it cost about $13.50 per complete frame!.. Awesome

The Build

I printed the Cad drawings to scale then used pva (white glue) to stick them to the wood

Next I drilled all my holes and got it ready to do some cutting ;)

After the 2 half (top and bottom) of the frame were cut I clamped them together to sand them and ensure they were the exact same shape. 60 grit made easy work of the ply wood. For the curved sections I use a little piece of pvc pipe. (easy to get into the curves)

For a slightly more finished look I took a few seconds to bevel the edges.. I ruff sand to shape with 60 grit and smooth with 120 grit.

The frame ready for paint

assembled and painted

I used the mount template in the CAD drawing to build motor mounts. I just rounded the end.

I also added cut outs to the landing gear as I like the way the Original bat bone landing gear looks. Plus the wood is stronger than it looks and its literally pennies to make a new one if/ when I break one.

Another thing I did differently from the CAD drawing was added brace to the frame in the front and sides. I felt the frame was to flimsy without them. I used the extra boom material I had left. I cut some holes in it, stuck it at the edges of the frame in the front and sides. I then used a pencil to trace the contour of the frame then cut it on the scroll saw for a smooth contoured look.. Frame is super sturdy and super light... ( I glued these braces in using hi quality wood glue and clamped them in place on the lower frame plate) Its easy to remove the top frame plate if needed.

I almost forgot, I also used scrap boom material to make the rear motor pivot, I recommend using Davids steerable nose mount or something easier to create. I do however, prefer the mechanics in this design. Modeled after Chads Bat Bone mount. I need a longer screw to secure the upper servo horn to the pivot. There will be two pieces of push rod to move the pivot.

The frame with the motors just sitting on it.. They just came in today. I haven't decided on how I'm going to mount them just yet.

Sorry for the long winded post.:D
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Thanks, I still have to order the rest of the components so I'm thinking another month realistically. Most of the parts I need now have to ship from the international warehouse (hobby king) . I think I want the 20 amp Afro esc's and the kk2 board.. So I'm expecting a few weeks just to receive the order..

Hopefully the U.S warehouse gets them before I'm ready to place the order.