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First scratch build! (wings in progress)


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plane fuselage 001.JPG plane fuselage 002.JPG plane fuselage 003.JPG plane fuselage 005.JPG

This is my first time posting a thread on this forum, and i think i uploaded some pictures wrong, but it doesn't really matter. If you can see the pictures above, they are of my randomly designed fuselage. Its made out of i think 2.5mm
plastic, it has the characteristics of perspex but this plastic i am using is a LOT more flexible. But when structured right
its extremely strong and flexible, i don't know why it hasn't been used before, or maybe it has?

Anyway thats all

thanks for reading

Kind regards


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That looks good.
If it has the characteristics of Perspex it will be rather heavy but it looks much more like a foam sheet.
Have you have rounded off the edges by sanding? That would be hard to do in Perspex!

My guess is its 3mm Depron sheet - which is used a lot and is an excellent plane building material.

A close up of the edge of a piece should help identify it.