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Flaperons on a pusher glider

I have the Axion alpha 139 glider. Got it setup, haven't flown it yet. It doesn't have the ailerons right out on the wingtips, but quite close to the wing root. How wise is it to put in a flaperon mixing?


Active member
If you are going to use flaperons then rather better to use inboard ailerons however inboard ailerons have limited power (ok for a basic glider) and when used as flaps they will loose a bit of effectiveness as ailerons.........
I am not sure how much the Axion alpha will benefit but I would get really used to flying it before attempting to dial in any flaperon.


Old age member
I am always trying to program flaperon with any plane having 2 aileron servos.
I do not think that there is any big use to have any speed or thermal mode (small deflections up or down) on a small plane lite the Axion Alpha. Most use is the spoileron (both up 15-25 degrees) when going in for landing on a small field.