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Flat Foamie, Profile, and Semi-Profile Warbirds

Hi All. I wanted to start a thread dedicated to flat foamie, profile and semi-profile warbirds. Here we can post plans, tips, tricks, and other ideas all about these cool RC models. If you created some plans feel free to share them as well as your build pics. Happy building!
Tip stall

You asked for Free Plans I give you Free Plans!

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the plans
Ive been trying to make smaller profiles but I find although their big brothers fly great ,going from 48in to 24in and increasing the cord apx 10% they tend to be overly squirley,tip stalls,sensitive to wind and even adding kf foil and winglets hasn't helped much.Maybe dollar tree foam too heavy for smaller planes guess I'll try stripping all unneeded paper off to lighten the air frame. any suggestions?