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Flight academy.


Im a project manager, pilot and RC geek. I have been approached with a request to develop a business plan for a flight academy.

If you are an high school student, twenty something and you want to be a professional pilot I'd like to pick your brain about your aviation dreams. How do you plan to tackle the high cost of training?

Thanks in advance.


Biplane Guy
I finished my license this last summer (up in Fond du Lac) and am enrolled at UND now. The easiest way to do it is through scholarships. The EAA and AOPA have very good routes for high school students to go through. Also, find a stable job that you can use to pay for lessons. Flying isn't cheap, but finding a good flight school with reasonable rental costs is probably the best advice I can give. I learned in a six pack equipped Cessna 152, which I flew for less than $100 an hour with my instructor. If the option is available for a brand new glass cockpit cirrus, you probably don't need to learn in that. It will be much more expensive, and you're probably not going to be using all of that fancy stuff in the usual GA airplane.

Hope this helped.