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I am building a quadcopter drone that will at max go around 1.5 miles away from a target. I am planning to use an Omnibus f4 pro and Beitian BN-880 GPS. I am barely starting out so any help would be awesome. I am planning to have an autonomous Waypoint feature to the target. I was wondering what GPS modules and Flight Controllers might be better than what I picked, or even if these are good enough. In this drone, I am planning to use a Frsky R9 receiver and up to 3 or 4 servos. I was looking into ArduPilot but it was confusing to me what would plug in where. I will not be using any FPV. I have never programmed a drone before but I was assuming I would use Inav to program it. So features I am looking for in the FC: waypoint autonomous with the GPS and Barometer(built-in the FC?), servo use, but simple as can it be. Anyone know any good Flight Controllers and GPS to use? I found that same GPS on Inav suggestions, but I want to see what everyone has to say.


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The FC and GPS unit you chose will work well. As for your autonomous functions, that is built into iNav. I haven't played with the waypoint features, but I know it's in there. There should be tutorials on YouTube to help you get set up.
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