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Flight Controller Pick


Junior Member
I am wanting to build a quad with the ability to utilize GPS(RTH mode, position hold and stuff like that). I have been looking through multitudes of suggestions and "top 10 lists" but i still have no idea what the best is for a fairly inexpensive price. someone please help! Thank you!


New member
Cc3D board with OpenFlight software which is free, on a desktop or laptop as tuning and can be used as a ground control software. Already love it and way more than my KK2 to configure, monitor etc. Kk2 is ok for starting out, but even someone knows what they are doing with software and how to configure things properly could probably even regard it as a joke in comparison. That's the only two I can relate to, naze32 is popular for racing and acrobatic models, multiwii is also popular although I don't hardly know anything about it personally, to be honest.

Cc3d is very much worth 30 bucks to say the least. Anything can get very expensive once you start adding the OSD, telemetry, GPS modules, longer range setups...gets real expensive but depends how serious you are and what you need. Pointing out the obvious, haha but someone else probably has more specifics in the other boards especially when your focus is gps...

I do know Openflight supports altitude hold in flight, as I stumbled across those options while getting mine all set up yesterday