Flite Fest 2019 - FPV questions


Hey guys, never been to Flite Fest...or any other large RC meet up. What do I need to know/bring? What things did you wish you knew before you went the first time?

-25 mW vtx max I assume? (I have a wing with 200, so I'll need to switch if that's the case)
-LHCP and RHCP antennas are good to bring?
-My dad is coming as a spectator...likes scale RC more than others. Will he have plenty to see?

There isn't a lot of info out there on what to bring/expect. I'll be 9 hours from home...forgetting things would be a real downer...lol.

Thanks guys!


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I would not count on doing much FPV at an event as big as Flite Fest. Last year, they had an area at the FPV Race track where all FPV was to be done during controlled hours. Outside the time where the race area was operating, they left it up to everyone to "play nice", but still wanted all FPV flights to be originated from the Race area. The previous year they had two areas at opposite ends of the field with chairs for specific frequencies. There is very limited frequency bandwidth to be shared by a large volume of users. PLEASE make sure you find out what this year's rules are before you ever fire up a VTX at the event. The rules are there for everyone's safety and for fair use. I would recommend pulling the power plug on all of your VTXes before getting to the event so you do not inadvertently power up and knock someone out of the air. ALWAYS check your goggles to make sure there is nobody on a channel before powering up your VTX.



I do not recall there being a max vtx voltage, but I've never done FPV there.

The main and most important thing is do not power up any FPV vtx in the camp/ build area. You can cause someone to crash, or spend lots of time in the bean field searching for their aircraft.


Last question: I will be driving/parking daily to the event. How far is the parking? Trying to see how "mobile" my gear needs to be.


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Parking distance can be a problem, 500-1000 feet distance are not uncommon.
Parking is in a crop field, if it is raining, there may not be any parking. In the past wet years they parked in town and had a shuttle.


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Hey Gang - for the FPV line, pilots will be asked to maintain 25mw on there tx to allow all channels to be open for the que. If you have any questions, Ben Yang and myself are the Flite Crew for FPV and can answer any questions you might have.