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Flite Risk

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Ok, its finally 2018, this post is 5 hours and 20 minutes late.
Details on Flite Fest East 2018, what is the plan?

Its time to request off of work and we need to get FFE '18 on the calendar before we get any wedding invitations 'cause well let's see, go to some exotic destination wedding on a tropical beach or go to flite fest 2018 ........... Duh. That's a no brain'er!

I can't wait to volunteer again it was so much fun! FFE '17 was my first flite fest and I've been waiting since then to get details for FFE '18.

Let us not forget the procrastinators among us, we have got build plans to put off........ But just how long do we wait to start, that is the question.

See you all ?in....July?

Flite Risk

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"The golf course" was mentioned in a pod cast but no timeline was given for how long it would take that to mature to the point where us heathens would be allowed to take over for a week.
"Furry field" is tried and true.....
As FF'17 was my first I don't know where else FF has been.

It would be nice for an official FFE2018 thread to be created{cough, cough-{thisone-}} or used, so there is one place to go for updates. If there is one please paste link below. Tanks.

We are 13 days into 2018, people do need to request off of work and accept or decline wedding invitations.

Can I get a hallelujah?
Well, I just got a tentative green light from my Boss, so I'll start looking into travel plans for this year.
As always, I got grand plans for Flitefest. Let's see if I can see any of them realized this time around...

I will try and volunteer again this year.
I dunno anywhere else to post this, but I was just curious as to whether FT has considered getting the local CAP squadron to help the volunteer groups? I know we do stuff at some fairs and EAA and stuff, and I think it would be a fun experience for the cadets.

Flite Risk

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Anybody know when pilot passes, camping tickets will be available?
Has a memo gone out already and I just missed it?
I did not see anything on the flite test. Com/events page.
I am planning on attending Flitefest Ohio this year. however, the 1400 mile drive will take some time. How early can someone get a spot at the field?
Also is there a speed limit for planes?


Toothpick glider kid
They want everyone to show up on Thursday for the start of the event this year, unless you are volunteering to help set up with the event. And I think the AMA says 100mph but I have not seen that enforced at the event.

I hope you have fun! (And 1400 miles is quite a ways)


Toothpick glider kid
100MPH???!!!!!!!??? My FT viggen is the slowest thing I fly and that is 126mph on the gps. I guess I will only bring my Multiplex fun cub then. :/
It should be fine, like I said the AMA technically says 100 but you can go a lot faster at flite fest, I’m pretty sure that everyone there treats the 100 rule more like a recommendation. I have seen a lot of guys flying speed wings and no one has gotten in trouble except the one guy who flew his right down the flight line, by the campsites, at 5am. People appreciate sleep, as long as you don’t do that or fly over the crowd you should be okay.
Awesome!! Looking forward to being there.
Will be my first USA RC flying event.
Driving from Brandon Manitoba Canada.
I read that my MAAC will work to fly, so all ready to hit the flight line! :) (hopefully not literally) 😂


Winter is coming
100MPH???!!!!!!!??? My FT viggen is the slowest thing I fly and that is 126mph on the gps. I guess I will only bring my Multiplex fun cub then. :/
I think it was 2014, or maybe it was 2016... but there was an incident where a flying wing zooming at probably close to 100mph (FPV) or more crashed into a large 3D Heli...