Flite Fest South 2017 For Sale/Trade Bazzar.


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Let's kick this off. I have a few things collecting dust I'd love to see someone make use of.

For organization sake, please list For Sale or Trade (FS/T) item with a price or item you are looking to trade for.

Feel free to list items you are looking for as a Wanting to Buy (WTB).

FS: Spektrum DX6i, like new $80

FS: Fatshark Goggles $100 http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?34651-For-Sale-Entry-Level-Fatshark-FPV-Goggles

Possible FS: Vortex 150 with Spektrum receiver (I'll have to get the model when I get home but I believe it is the satellite receiver) spare props, two 3s 850mah batteries. $200

These items can be made into a package deal for a ready-to-fly FPV experience. Package deal $325.

FS: FT Mini Arrow. Built but never flown. I don't remember which power pack is in it. I'll have to check later.

FS: FT Bloody Baron. Built but never flown. Also has a FT power pack in it, but I don't remember which one.

I probably have batteries for the above planes as well, but not receivers. You could get a nearly ready to fly plane if you wanted to travel light.

This post will have to be updated with pricing, so check back in?

What do you all have?
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I would be interested in an FT Cruiser, Guinea Pig or Sea Duck that was receiver/power pod ready. Thanks.
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