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Hey guys was just thinking That flite test should get an app. There should be a section kind of like Instagram we’re we can post pictures of your planes and crashes and then another section for the forums and we get a notification on our phone from the app instead of gmail when someone replies to a watched thread then a section with your score and followers etc.

I don’t know just an idea what do you guys think.


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While I wouldn't be adverse to having an app that has useful info in it, I feel like most apps that have fit that niche are better served with a website...


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Don’t forget their penchant for adding advertising to everything now, if they do anything to “add features” to the forums, guess what’s probably going to come with it...
If they build an app, it would take away from their efforts on social media, or require more efforts/resources. I know some of us would really like that since we avoid social media, but it isn’t the best way for FT to reach the widest audience possible and earn the most bang for the buck with advertising.