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Flite Test at local hobby stores?

It would be a great thing if Flite Test sold their products at other r.c. hobby shops. (i.e. Hobby Town USA, Hobby Hut, etc.) Not only would it make it easier for fans to buy and fly from their trusted brand, but others will find out about them, and join the community. Plus, the hobby shops could gain increased profits from the new merchandise.
I would understand if Flite Test only wants to have a online business.


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Flite Test does sell products in some local hobby shop right now. Unfortunately it is up the the consumer to ask their local hobby shops to carry FT products. There has to be local interest for a hobby shop to stock the product.


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Hobbytown was carrying Flite Test products, but all of them near me closed up. Next closest one is 30 mi. away...:(


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Yeah. no LHS for me either since hobbytown closed. The one here didn't want to order items anyway. Maybe one of the reasons they closed...


Great Hobbies is AWESOME! we love them and they carry our stuff for sure!

Hobby town does carry our stuff, but like he said its unfortunate bc its based on location etc



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down near me I have a nice sized indie shop that sells some FT stuff called Shimano's Hobbies... it's about a case/big box of build kits, sadly some are ripped open and have a few bits lost from the packaging... he also has various power packs and stuff which is nice... the prices are very fair especially when you figuring in shipping costs...


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The HobbyTown across the street from my work has a few of the speed build kits.
Lucky!! LOL The shop that took over the HobbyTown in San Marcos, is a great shop, but I had to actually SAVE a customer that was headed out the door. The guys in the shop told the guy they didn't have FT stuff and weren't sure they could get it. I actually started talking to the guy and asked him what he was looking for.

He actually wanted a speed build kit for the Simple Cub, and I ended up telling him that he could download the plans for free from FliteTest (Sp0nz's plans), go 2 blocks east to the Dollar Tree and pick up 4 sheets of foam (always get an extra sheet, JUST in case!), and then I pushed the guys at the counter to help build an inexpensive power pack. Now, granted, his power pack ended up being just south of $100, because of the parts that they had on stock (yes, they were more expensive, but they were higher quality ESCs and servos, as well as an E-Flite motor, since they didn't carry any cheapo motors), but we got the guy kitted out because I knew what he was after.

The guys in the hobby store took note, and their boss said he wanted to work to get some FT stuff in; I just hope Flite Test is willing to work with some of the more indie hobby shops out there to get the supplies they recommend...


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stopped down at my local hobby shop again and talked a bit more about the FT guys... he was talking about the FT meets and was excited when I told him about the TX FF (about 2 hrs from the shop)... what little I know about him he'll toss up a flier at some point....