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Fly Angry
I would suspect there would be a time frame between the end of the campaign until verification of all funds before any bank transfers would be made. I also assume that there are legal things that need to be managed as well like closing, Escrow accounts and all that is involved with property purchases to be dealt with. Add to that normal day to day operations and time gets consumed quickly.

As RCDiy stated 4-6 weeks after campaign closes was stated in the update videos already put out. I would think there will be another update here shortly that they will be recontacting everyone for mailing information as I believe they said that part of the form for the campaign got messed up somehow. That alone is a huge undertaking to gather all the pledges names, set up a mass email to all of them to reconfirm correct information. THEN that all will be handed off to shipping for when all the products are in stock ready to be packed and shipped.


Active member
Quick question...

I got the e-mail invite to the facebook group, but I do not have a facebook account. This group invite is just for the Air Park updates correct? I don't need to have a facebook account to receive the rewards right?

And no hurry on that subject either. I am just glad I could help support this awesome project.