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Flite Test: Destination Location Comments, Questions, Ideas, Etc!


Hey everyone!
This thread is dedicated to having a place for the COMMUNITY(you guys/gals!) to ask QUESTIONS, leave COMMENTS, share IDEAS that are all centered around the new FLITE TEST DESTINATION LOCATION!

We want to hear about the things you all would like to see at this new location(Runways, Quad courses, RC Car tracks, lake for float planes, etc) We want to see what kind of creative ideas you might have to make this place even BETTER then we could dream up...DREAM BIG! The reason we want to hear from YOU is because this is FOR YOU!! This is going to be a place where people in the community can come and create! It will be a place where the community can come and share memories that would otherwise be IMPOSSIBLE... lets do the impossible and lets make the communities DREAMS... BECOME REALITY!

Looking forward to see where your creative minds take this and as always, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!


Stefan and the FT CREW!


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Lighted tiny whoop / micro track!!!!
Foam building stations (like permanent FF build tents)

I finally got an opportunity to listen to the podcast. Sounds like the above two suggestions are already in the plans.

I just really hope this is a huge success for FT and the Bixlers. Its cutting edge and will be an amazing facility if its half as good as Josh explains it (and we know that FT and Josh regularly hit home runs on these types of things). Super exciting!
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Indoor/outdoor facility for all aspects of RC. including watercraft and submersibles. IE dome, warehouse, retention pond/pool etc...


EDIT and of course, there needs to be a glider golf course!
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First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS! I know this is the first step in a dream-come-true for Josh. He's been talking about it for years.

Will this be the new location for Flite Fest? I'm not exactly how I would feel about that either way, but still curious to know.

I haven't listened to the entire podcast yet, so if this question was answered there I apologize.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Podcast? If there is one other then the YT one could you please link me as a new podcast does not show for me on YT.
Wow.... loved the pod cast and the vision. Can't wait to see alll that HE has planned for you all. I know FT has made a lasting impact in my family and we are hoping to pass it on as well.


We are hoping to make it out to FF West 2018!


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While building and flying has been a very key ingredient to the FT formula, I think it would be enticing to have some of the AWESOME community members hosted as guests to give seminars. I would absolutely come for a day, or a weekend, to see someone I had been wanting to meet, ask questions, or just fly with.

Build-alongs would be fantastic. Rather than just an hour or two... how about an entire weekend! I'm thinking of something made from trees!

A segregated flight area for liquid fuel, I hope, will be an option for those so inclined. I know of many folks who would like to attend FF but do not because of the electric only restriction.

I'm sure I'll think of more.


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Congratulations !!

Hearing the teasers in the past has had me so ... super excited! For some reason this idea has struck a cord with me.

I must say tho', that just now listening to Josh 'ramble on' and hearing the passion and commitment to this idea has quite literally caused tears of joy to run down my face. This is very welcome news to finally be hearing. It is a very ambitious endeavor to undertake and my family and I wish the very best of luck to you.

More than that, when it is time for the volunteer families to show up and lend a hand with whatever the project of the day may be, i am one of the more fortunate to live in the next county over :eek:. I plan to be a 'regular' at your new facility.
Will FliteFest eventually be held in this location? If so, I'd like to see a DLG area.

As for slope soaring, if it is the golf course I think it is, I do not think they need to have a dirt pile but they would need to cut down the trees on one of the steeper slopes (up to 300').