Flite-Test "Flyer" Maiden Flight and Discussion



I recently had my first flights with a Flyer I built.

In case you're interested:

The YouTube Video is at: Maiden Flight of a Customized Flite-Test "Flyer" RC Airplane.
The flights themselves begin at 4 min. 30 seconds. The rest is introductory stuff
intended mainly for hobbyists such as you.

A spirited, post-flight discussion of the flights is located starting HERE on my build thread
at the RCGroups.com forums. (Click on the thread title, top-right corner of the screen to
see the rest of the comments.)

One take away is that I may have to build a lighter version.

Comments welcomed.



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these guys are very sensitive to CG. the first few looked tail heavy, then i did not catch (sorry fast forward) if you made any changes?


these guys are very sensitive to CG.

Before the first flight, I balanced the plane with my fingers on the spots (on the bottom of the wing) that Flite Test recommends for the CG. I adjusted the position of the battery, which is attached by Velcro, until the plane was horizontal. Anyone, let me know if a different approach should be used.

The attached image shows the method I used.


Balance Test 2 740.jpg