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Flite Test Gremlin competition

Hey guys I've been considering buying an atom v3 recently because I've got lots of land at my house but it's very wooded. The trees are far enough apart that I could have fun with something like the atom weaving in and about. What complicates things is that now that the Gremlin is out I'm thinking that if they're comparable I would much rather get the cheaper option and have something with more community support. I haven't seen any punch out tests with the Gremlin but if the power is there than I'd love to get one. If anyone could tell me if they're even in the same class really and if the punch is similar I'd appreciate . thanks
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Hey Parker! I have a Gremlin and I am very happy with it on 2S. I know they will handle 3S, but have not tried any yet, but going to in the foreseeable future. I can tell you it has plenty of power to do flips and stuff with not much altitude loss and I think it will be fast enough even on 2S.

They are great little quads and I bought 2 and glad I did!

Mike Finley


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These are quite quick on 3s. I have been running mine on a heavy 3s 800 mah pack and it still moves fast enough to make you get nervous at some points. Punch outs are good even with the heavy pack and I am sure things will be even better on my final tune.

The Hyperion cameras to me are a disappointment but I did manage to catch a no crash flight on a full pack run the day after I maidened mine. This is what it can do even with just a very basic tune. This is a 3s flight with auw of 160.3 grams

Thanks for the reply, do you lose any altitude on sharp turns or anything? I'm planning on going up high and diving through the trees and am wondering if it would be able to recover without the shake you get from underpowered quads.


Wake up! Time to fly!
I was just working on that issue myself. Yes you have to be a bit harder on the throttle to recover. I did however just read on the wiki that if you do drop after fast maneuvers that the min throttle should be raised. Kind of explains why beta flight min throttles are defaults at 1070 min instead of the normal ~1040 ish levels from set up. I just raised mine to 1060 and will be heading out for more tune and video tests now that I changed antennas on that VTX to a dipole and got much better video with less motor noise too! Keep in mind I do have a heavy battery in it as well.. ~75 grams nearly the weight of the quad itself.