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Flite Test on night flying...


Crazy flyer/crasher :D

I´ve heard of that long-exposure stuff before but never thought of combining :D Looks great dude!!

Keep em coming. We want to see more :D
Cool pics

I added extra visibility for my Quad - 2 segments of white and 2 segments of red on the lower side of the arms.
(ill take a few pics tonight)


Stuck in Sunny FL
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Here's a few night shots made while at an event recently.

This one, the pilot landed, picked up the plane, and stood for me for a moment. And the results...

One of the cool things about the plane in this shot, and the one above, is that the pilot had blue lights on top, and red on the bottom, so you get this very distinct transition between the two colors, depending on the pitch of the plane relative to the camera.

This one is a little extra interesting, because the pilot had a sequencer on the lights, that made them blink, and that's why they look like dashes.

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Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Ohhhhhh my gooood!

That looks awesome! I need to try that out sooner rather then later!
Can every normal/digital camera do that, with that long exposure stuff?
That looks amazing. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:


Stuck in Sunny FL
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I'm not sure if the "normal" point and shoot camera can do much of long exposure shots.

I think you can cheat a little with the "night shot" which holds the shutter open a little longer than normal.

I was shooting with my Nikon D3100 and had the shutter open for about 30 seconds. I don't know of any point and shoot digitals that will do that.
In manual settings you can change exposures on most cameras
A tripod is a must - a remote or delay to get rid of vibrations is also helpful



Rotor Riot!
Which Canon have you got ?

I have a canon here and my dad has a massive canon aswell
PowerShot SD880 IS Digital Elph

To use long exposure, go to P mode (not auto) press center button, select the +-0 option (exposure) and press Disp. Screen says long shutter, goes from 1 sec to 15 sec.