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Flite Test Spitfire - Ready for Maiden

Thought I would post pictures of my just-finished "Spit". The motor does not quite fit--it's up-gunned from the usual assortment of motors: HobbyKing 1400 KV...all-up weight is 871 grams. BTW - historical fact about the Spitfire: it took about 13,000 man-hours to build one, and that was three times as much as the Germans needed to build one BF-109! The biggest problem: those lovely elliptical wings...also, the three big letters in white - those were, in order on my plane, the particular plane in the squadron (L, on mine), followed by the squadron designation (VZ on mine)…back to the motor: it'll take a 4-cell if I can figure out a way to jam it in there. Should be as screamer even with a 3-cell!