Flite Test Starship design and a suggestion to help make it fly.


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Hi, guys! I hope you see this post.

I watched the Starship video and loved it! I think it is a great project.

As I watched, it looked like the vehicle is unstable under power. I was reminded of the issues Robert Goddard, a pioneer in rocket flight, had with his original design. Dr. Goddard has the motor at the top with the fuel underneath. The rocket was terribly unstable and was not really dissimilar to what you experienced.

What was found is that it is very easy to induce Pilot Induced Oscillation in this configuration - and almost impossible to stop.

Have you ever tried balancing a metre stick on your finger? Your "thrust" is on the bottom and you gimbel the thrust (Moving your fingers) to keep it balanced.

What about applying the same thing to the Flite Test Starship?

It might work better with the thrust on the bottom and actuated control surfaces. Using a RC stability system with the motors and control surfaces could give you the stability that you were a tad short of in the video.

Try it with a drone with a metre stick that has fins. It could be used as a boiler-plate model for stability mechanisms.

Just my two cents worth and I hope it helps.

Love the videos and this concept! Can't wait to see more!