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FliteFest Combat Brownouts?


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I actually lent my friends my spare FlySky i6x to fly combat this year. They had flown twice on Spektrum (do not know the receiver) and los both times. Flew the FlySky and he won with the one two punch that took out a big wing I think it was (second to last combat I think....)

We also witnessed a horizon brand bnf (not sure of model, one of the smaller wings) sail off into the East during that same combat.... I assume a fly-away.

I have both Spektrum and FlySky, while the Spektrum feels higher quality, I must be honest and say I don’t “completely “ trust it.. maybe it’s because the planes I fly with it (night raiden, f-3 wildcat, X-vert) cost a whole lot more than my foamboard planes I run on the FlySky... (but then again, FlySky didn’t kill my Raider on its maiden.)

Just my experience so far.
If it helps any, you might also be getting LOS simply due to the saturation of spektrum users, I fly Graupner and I don't have a satellite receiver that was buried in my fuselage and I didn't have any problems throughout the whole event including 6 or 7 combats.
Graupner make some nice radios. If money wasn't a issue i'd fly that. I fly in the city in high rf places with tons of concrete. Locals have tried to fly my spots with spectrum and they failsafe like clockwork. I won the frsky raffle at flite fest and they won a customer for life. I lost an airplane once in the woods for almost a year. It was a spectrum bnf cub. Was using multiprotocol module on DSM2 when i lost signal.