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Flitetest radial motor issue

Hi all,
My 1806 2280Kv motor has been the recipient of my learning curve on my tiny trainer. Today, after rebuilding a new engine pod and re attaching the engine to it, I realize that the engine would turn without the prop atttached to it, but when I attach the prop it gives me these erratic moves left and right and then stop with a bip.
Have I totalled this engine? It was working fine yesterday after my last landing which wasn't bad.


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Could be a broken wire or a short somewhere. Make sure no part of the bullet connectors is showing, this can cause a short. Gently give all of the bullet connectors a tug to see if one has come broken free. You can try unhooking each of the 3 wires, one at a time. If there is no change in the behavior, then this is the wire with the problem.


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The motor problem you are describing is caused by the motor not receiving the proper pulses down one wire.
The prop will make no difference so for safety remove it before you do any testing.
As Merv points out it could be a bad connection anywhere between the ESC and the motor (fixable) or a broken connection inside the motor (not fixable). It could also be the ESC itself has failed on one path (not fixable).

Once you have satisfied yourself all the connections are 'good' then having a 'spare' ESC that is known to work is a great help. If it cures the problem then you know it is the original ESC that is faulty. If the problem persists then the fault is either still in the wiring or the motor itself.
Now if you have spare motor as well you will be able to confirm exactly where the problem lies.
It is a logical process substitution. Note the spare motor and ESC do not have to be duplicates of the originals just that they work.

You can see why having a spare battery, ESC, motor and a servo tester to drive them is a useful thing to have on the bench for fault finding. ;)